45 of the Commonly Used Idioms and Phrases That”ll Make You Sound Like a Genius

Idioms and phrases – One of the easiest ways to speak a language like a native is to understand how idioms and phrases work. Native speakers love to use idioms as they find it amusing while the language learners find it a bit frustrating since idioms can’t be translated word to word to understand their meanings. Therefore mastering idioms and phrases are one of the keys to language fluency.

To help you to improve your fluency, we have handpicked a few of the most common idioms and phrases used in daily conversations of native English speakers.

What are idioms and phrases

An idiom is a collection of phrases or an expression that has a figurative meaning while a phrase is part of a sentence. However, many idioms act as phrases in sentences but an idiom can also stand on its own.

Most Commonly used Idioms and phrases

A penny for your thoughts – This is used to ask what someone is thinking about.

The ball is in your court – Now it’s time for you to make decisions

Beat around the bush – Avoiding the main topic.

Break a leg – Wishing someone good luck

The best of both worlds – Enjoying all the advantages

A piece of cake – Something extremely easy to accomplish

once in a blue moon – Something that happens very rarely

Cool as a cucumber – Someone who is calm and composed even under pressure

It’s all greek to me – Generally Something which is hard to understand

When Pigs fly – Unlikely to happen

A blessing in disguise – A misfortune which turns out to be good later

Don’t judge a book by its cover – Not to judge someone or something based on their appearance

In the heat of the moment – Taking quick decisions without thinking due to anger or excitement

Leave the cat out of the bag – Reveal the secret

No pain no gain – word hard to get success

Stealing someone’s thunder – Taking credit for someone else’s work

Bite off more than you can chew – Trying to do something too difficult

Love idioms

Behead over heels – Fallen madly in love with another person

Be lovey-dovey – Excessive display of affection on loved ones

Blinded by love – A person in love cannot see any imperfections in the person they love.

Kiss and make up – To become friendly after an heated conversation

Match made in heaven – A match of two people in a perfect way.

Tie the knot – To get married

Under Someone’s Spell РInfluenced or controlled by someone

Whisper Sweet Nothings – To speak or murmur in a romantic way

One cannot love and be wise – People often become irrational when in love and cannot take wiser decisions

All is fair in love and war – one do not want to obey rules in love and war

Wear a heart on sleeve – To show feelings and emotions freely and openly

Sealed with a kiss – Written and sent with love and affection

Take breath away – To overwhelm someone with beauty

Friendship idioms

Like two peas in a pod – When two people or things are very similar to each other.

To be as thick as thieves – Close friends who share secrets

To bury the hatchet – To become friends again by ending the arguments

A shoulder to cry on – A person who offers sympathy and support.

To see eye to eye with someone – To have same opinions

Friends in high places – To have an influential friend who can help you

To know someone inside out – To know thoroughly about the subject

Strike up a friendship – To become friends with someone by initiating a friendly conversation

To build bridges – To establish friendly relationship between two people

To speak the same language – To have same ideas and attitudes as someone

Close-knit – Held together strongly by cultural or social ideologies

Through thick and thin – under all circumstances, no matter how difficult it is

To be joined at the hip – Two people who are inseparable

To be on the same page/wavelength – understand and agree with someone

Birds of a feather flock together – People of same interest get together along

Hope you liked the above post. If your favorite idiom isn’t listed, add it below so others can enjoy it!

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